VSG's unique applied marketing technology enables clients to better engage, prospect, and serve new and existing consumers with solutions that takes oft-postponed and commonly not-utilized steps out of the client's hands and ensures timely production, execution and delivery. No more printing, mailing, storing, scheduling, deploying, and remembering. With VSG, marketing your business is easy, accessible, personal, and yields exciting results. You are busy. You may not be able to do it all. That's why VSG Technology Suite exists . . . to get you out there!

The VSG Technology Suite equips you with direct access to immediately deploy relevant marketing materials to your clients. Through cloud-based customer campaign management and online storehouses of your custom created marketing materials, you can launch single piece or mass marketing campaigns remotely and immediately to meet your needs.

The AMS (automated marketing solution) platform is a key player in the VSG suite. It maintains pure data so you can be certain your clients receive the information "you" send. As a personal assistant, it also reminds you of those critical tasks you need to keep in front of your customers. With all print/electronic communications digitally printed and/or deployed for you, all you have to do is focus on the core of your business while your targeted marketing is applied!

Using your own Storefront of designed marketing pieces, deploy one or hundreds of customized and personalized pieces to your market. Send a greeting card, email a critical announcement, or print your presentation folder for your upcoming meeting. Storefront includes:

  • Print
  • Mail
  • Electronic download options
  • User-profiles
  • Group configurations
  • Variable integration of customer data
    into personalized marketing material
  • And more

Where is your data? Most people are landlocked with their data; meaning, it is located in a myriad of places - email, phones, social media apps, etc. Extracting it can be cumbersome. When it is contained in systems dedicated to key functionalities, like a marketing platform, you can be sure you can communicate with your clients personally, professionally, and efficiently. If you had an urgent message pertinent to your industry that you needed to communicate to your market within the next 30 minutes, could you do it quickly and ensure delivery? With VSG, the answer is absolutely.

VSG: Personal marketing that creates lasting partnerships for your business!

Complete custom solutions are available unique to your business.
"Ready-now" systems for specific industries and professions also exist.
Indicate your interest, by contacting us today.